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These trainings will be provided at no cost to participants.

Participants only need to cover their travel to Guam, transportation, hotel and meals accommodations while on Guam. 


January 14-15, 2017
January 14: Historic Lujan House Meeting Room 

January 15: Westin Resort Guam 

Deadline to register: December 30, 2016


This two-day course would cover introductory theory and practical training in underwater archaeology.


The first day would utilize the United Kingdom Nautical Archaeology Society’s (NAS) training program ( ) which would cover presentations and discussions on the following topics: site types, survey techniques, importance of maritime heritage, legal and ethical responsibilities, and the contribution people can make to researching and preserving underwater cultural heritage. Some practical activities would be included.


Each participant would receive a NAS training record book and be recognized as having completed the ‘NAS Introduction to foreshore and underwater archaeology’ training.


The second day would include implementing surveying, photogrammetry and drawing exercises on the beach and in the water, as well as in the classroom where the techniques in plotting the survey and photographic data would be demonstrated and implemented by course participants.


Faculty: Dr. William Jeffery

Continuing Education Credits

Self-reporting may be an option for members of professional organizations that require continuing education credits.

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