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A Community integrated plan developed with the goal of revitalizing a village that has existed within the same bays and mountains since the beginning of time. This plan was presented to the Humatak Community on August 8, 2019.

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For the past three summers, GPT has engaged with University Pompeu Fabra from the city of Barcelona archaeologists and research scholars as they conduct community archaeological work at historic sites in the southern village of Humatak.

The fieldwork partners Humatak community volunteers with the archaeologists through a summer field school program on the San Dionisio Ruins (GHPI site 66- 02-1024) and the Palasyo (GHPI site 66-02-1116).

GPT’s role in the project is to help the project research scholars navigate the work and obtain ownership information and permission to conduct the study within the perimeter of the ruins and to formalize each of the responsibilities of the partners to the project. No local funding was used for this collaborative project.

The excavation of these sites is part of the project ABERIGUA, aimed at understanding the processes of identity, change and continuity related to the incorporation of the Marianas Islands by the colonial network of the Spanish empire.

GPT looks forward to the information obtained from these historic sites and commends the Humatak community for being engaged with the archaeologists as they learn more about the rich cultural heritage of their village.


Photos from
"Presentation to the
Humatak Community" 
July 10, 2019
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Humatak Revitalization Plan

Humatak Archaeology

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