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Guam Preservation Trust Grants

Grant Application Process


Andrew Tenorio
Senior Program Officer

Step 1: Application Form

The Grant Application must be completed with supporting documentation and submitted by the grant deadline before introduction to the Board of Directors. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of this form as well as required supporting documents.

Step 2: GPT Staff Review

The application is initially screened by GPT Staff for thoroughness and prepared for review by the Grant Evaluation Committee.

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FUNDING PRIORITIES: Funding priorities include, but are not limited to, projects that foster the development of preservation in the following categories:

  • Historic Structures Capital Projects

  • Planning and Economic Development

  • Village Revitalization Plans

  • Community Archaeology

  • Capacity Building Workshops and Seminars

  • Professional & Grassroots Partnerships

  • Traditional Cultural Knowledge

  • Youth and Education 

  • CHamoru Traditional Cultural Knowledge

  • Technology, Media, and Heritage Preservation


Funding Priority details can be found in the
GPT 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.


Additional Requirements for Grant Applicants 

In addition to the GRANT APPLICATION, all grant applicants
are required to:

  • Meet with a Guam Preservation Trust Program Officer to discuss your proposal prior to submission.

  • Ensure their project meets (1) or more of the elements in the Guam Preservation Trust 5-year Strategic Plan

  • Submit their grant application by 4pm on January 5 (cycle 1) or August 5 (cycle 2) to the Guam Preservation Trust Office. 

  • Note: Should the deadline fall on a weekend or holiday, the application should be submitted the following business day by 4:00 P.M. CHamoru Standard Time


For Initial Grant Applications 
Grant Information and Instructions
Grant Application
Interim Grant Report
Final Grant Report
Interim & Final Reporting 
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