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Heritage Communities are Healthy Communities


Heritage Communities are Healthy Communities, a pilot project funded by TakeCare Foundation, concluded its 10-day trail-making activity at Guam Preservation Trust’s (GPT) Atantano property in Piti.  The goal of the project was to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Guam’s outdoor cultural, historical, and natural, traditional, and healthy values.  The objective was to create conservation and preservation activities in historic preservation, natural resources, CHamoru culture, and health and wellness.

From June 17, 2019 to June 28, 2019, six participants and four GPT staff completed about 600m of natural hiking trail parallel to the Atantano River.  In addition, to the trail-making activity, local experts from a range of disciplines visited Atantano to expound on the cultural and natural resources of the property. The 10-day activity was filled with educational talks, hikes, and field trips. 


KUAM News Video (published June 26, 2019): "Heritage communities are healthy communities" is the message and the name of the Guam Preservation Trust's pilot program. The ten-day conservation training hosts an all female cohort of six. And they're literally blazing a new trail at Atantano in Santa Rita.

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