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What:                 GPT is once again offering a summer internship program for 10 students. Each student will have the 

                            opportunity to do a two-week internship during one of the five (5) blocks during the summer. Should                                space be available, the student intern may opt to continue their internship in other available blocks. A

                             stipend will also be provided to each student for each project completed during their block.


Who:                  Open to enrolled college or university students with any course of study. Resident of Guam for the   

                           duration of the internship. Familiar with posting on social media apps. Able to commit at least 30                                     hours a week​ and able to conduct research work.

Where:              Internships will primarily be at the Guam Preservation Trust Office with research and fieldwork to be

                           conducted off site.

When:               Summer Internship Two-week Block Schedule:

                            Block 1: June 5- June 16

                            Block 2: June 19-June 30

                            Block 3: July 3-July 14

                            Block 4: July 17-July 28

                            Block 5: July 31-August 11

Why:                   GPT seeks to increase the capacity of the local community’s appreciation of heritage preservation

                            which will allow the vision and mission of GPT to be realized. It is hoped that students will seek to see

                             how various fields of study can be harmonized with heritage preservation.

How:                   Interested students may apply at and select their available and

                            preferred two-week schedule block (first come, first served). 
                             Applicant information will be screened by a panel of GPT staff members and will be notified of the

                             results of the review of their application on Thursday, June 1. 

                            Orientation is scheduled for Friday, June 2, 2023 (time TBA).  


DEADLINE TO APPLY ONLINE: May 30 by 4:00 p.m. CHamoru Standard Time

                                                        If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 671-472-9439

APPLY USING THE FORM BELOW (please be patient as it loads)

If form fails to load, please click: 

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