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Manenggon Concentration Camp:

Nomination to the U.S. National Historic Landmark

Guam Preservation Trust


You are invited to participate in the process of nominating the Manenggon Concentration Camp to the U.S. National Historic Landmark (NHL). The project is being conducted by the Guam Preservation Trust, in partnership with the Guam Historic Preservation Office, the National Park Service, and the Organization of American Historians. The project includes developing a nomination document for the Manenggon Concentration Camp. This document will be submitted to the NHL committee for consideration. 

The goal of the nomination is to raise the recognition of Manenggon’s exceptional value and place in the entire history of the United States. Additionally, it will be the first National Historic Landmark on Guam. An NHL designation is reserved for those select places that tell stories of importance to the history of the nation, not only of local communities, states, or territories.

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Si Yu'os Ma'ase for providing comments to this nomination!

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