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2023 World Heritage Opportunities in the Pacific  
"Our Stone Heritage"
May 3-5, 2023 Guam

Download the Agenda/Brochure

Download the Map to the Guam Historic Resources Division Office


Wed, May 3: Day 1 Synopsis and Goal

The first day of the workshop will welcome the return of delegates and reintroduce awareness of opportunities related to the World Heritage Convention. A quick review of the 2019 workshop will be provided and move forward to looking into stone heritage sites in the Pacific as possible new sites to be listed. Each island delegation will also provide a presentation on stone heritage sites in their respective jurisdiction with the goal of exploring the opportunity to list the site as a World Heritage site.  

9am  Opening Remarks and Greetings  (Patrick Lujan) 

9:15am  Overview of World Heritage 2019 Workshop 

9:30am  Stone Heritage in the Islands: Marshall Islands

10:15am  Break

10:30am  Stone Heritage in the Islands: American Samoa

12pm  Lunch on own

1pm   Stone Heritage in the Islands in the Mariana Islands: Guam and CNMI

3pm   End of day


Thu, May 4: Day 2 Synopsis and Goal

The second day will revisit the path forward established in exploring heritage sites in their islands. The 2019 Delegation provided insight in our values in heritage preservation. This collective wisdom created “Resolution 1” which emphasized what matters in our Pacific communities and our work in heritage preservation. The goal of this day is to have each delegation voice the current condition, discuss strategies, and once again appreciate our collective wisdom and creative ideas to become wiser together.

9am   Grant Opportunities Workshop with Guam Historic Resources Division
  and Guam Preservation Trust Staff

10am   Focus Group Discussion on Resolution 1:

  Objective 1: Respect and Listening

  Objective 2: Traditional Values in Teaching and Storytelling

10:45am  Break 

11:00am  Objective 3:  Youth Engagement and trans-pacific networks

  Objective 4: Policies and Traditional knowledge

11:45am  Lunch on own 

1:30pm  Objective 5: Importance of Cultural Value of Traditional Leaders

  Objective 6: Respect for environment/Holistic Management

3pm  Break

3:15pm  End of Day 

Fri, May 5: Day 3 Synopsis and Goal

The final day of the workshop will chart the path forward in World Heritage Opportunities and how to increase appreciation of stone heritage sites in the Pacific. The goal is to codify this in a “Resolution 2” that each delegation can present to their leaders upon their return. The opportunity to discuss other preservation needs and concerns will also be given. 


10am  Pacific Café 2 Presentation

11am  SHPO meeting / Micronesian Endowment for Historic Preservation (MEHP)

12pm  Lunch on own/End of Workshop



Participants are asked to consider the following questions for discussion throughout the workshop.

In the past 3 years, examples of how our preservation community in our island was able to:


Objective 1: Stress the importance of respect and patience to listen to all stakeholders, especially elders and traditional leaders, as primary cultural values that must be acknowledged to conduct meaningful outreach to gain support of World Heritage Sites in island communities; are:


Objective 2: Underscore the need to use traditional values in teaching, storytelling, and promoting the idea of sacredness of sites as positive steps to ensure the maintenance of our unique cultural identities; are:


Objective 3: Encourage programs that foster youth engagement between island communities in the region as a pathway to develop trans-Pacific networks for Pacific entities who are not represented fully in internationally recognized conventions; are:


Objective 4: Instill policies that draw from traditional knowledge when involving island communities to preserve significant sites especially in light of changes in the natural environment; are:


Objective 5: Reaffirm the importance of the cultural value of involving traditional leaders when developing management policies for heritage sites; are:


Objective 6: Recognize Pacific Communities’ shared cultural value of respect for heritage that includes land, sea, and surrounding resources as a strength and the foremost uniting value necessary for our communities to effectively implement and maintain a holistic management approach towards heritage sites; are:

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