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Everyone has places that are important to them. Places they care about.

This Place Matters is a national campaign that encourages everyone to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and their communities.


At the Guam Preservation Trust, we invite you to shine a spotlight on the special places that are important to your senior class.


This competition is open to all Guam high school senior classes (one entry per school) to produce an original video (up to 10 minutes) to be judged by our island community.


Click on the icon below to download the sign tool-kit

This Place Matters Short Film Competition

  • Choose a site that’s important to your Senior Class.
  • Produce a short-film (no more than 10 minutes) about the history, significance of the place. Remember YOU MUST use the "This Place Matters" sign in your video. Download the sign here or make your own! Be CREATIVE as you can in telling the story of the place that matters.

  • Have advisor or faculty member “Pre-register” your class by January 2, 2018. (Details about pre-registration will be posted soon!)

  • Submit Video between January 2-31, 2018.

  • Invite your classmates, family & friends to vote on Guam Preservation Trust’s Facebook page from February 5-16, 2018.

  • Standby for the Announcement of Winners on February 19, 2018.


Grand Prize: $1,000.00

2nd Place: $500.00

Questions? Interested in Participating?
Contact Larry Borja at the Guam Preservation Trust
(t) 472-9439/40 |

Last Updated: 12/11/17

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