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One Mission,

Many Strands

I Inangokkon Inadahen Guåhan u sisteni yan protehi sition historikåt siha, kotturan, yan i hinahalom para i benefision i taotao-ta yan fotturå-ta.

The Guam Preservation Trust will preserve and protect Guam’s historic sites, culture and perspectives for the benefit of our people and our future.


Guam Preservation Trust Year in Review 2020

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Hafa Adai!

The Guam Preservation Trust is proud of the accomplishments that we were able to produce in 2020.

We anticipated the year 2020 to be another memorable year of progress. Prior to the pandemic situation in Guam, we completed a World Heritage Opportunities workshop for the islands in the Marianas, Micronesia, American Samoa, and U.S. Virgin Islands, began several technology focused projects and received another notice of a clean audit and further recognized by the Office of Public Accountability for achieving this status for several consecutive years. However, as the COVID-19 global pandemic it became uncertain as to how we would complete the progress of the year and how it would effect on historic preservation came to Guam.

Many heritage organizations, including us, were made to reevaluate how to respond. New policies that governed teleworking, virtual meetings, and reopening to the public in light of the local public health emergency were quickly discussed. We shifted in-person outreach to virtual platforms through social media and livestreams.   


While there were definitely challenges, through a different perspective, the year was also filled with projects that challenged our community to seek opportunity. In this Year in Review 2020, highlights of our community based projects, outreach, and milestones of the fiscal year shows how preservation work can look for opportunity when its work remains focused on advocating with the community. After all, it is our community advocates who, with our assistance, share the responsibility of protecting our historic sites.

Our work to expand our digital presence, advance the use of technology, and continue to seek and engage partners have and will continue to create opportunities, while in a different form, to empower our communities, widen our outreach, with the goal of preserving our heritage.

In closing, on behalf of our Board of Directors and Staff, we thank you for our continued support and advocacy and we look forward to continuing advancing preservation work in Guam.

Write and Submit a Testimony

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Thank you for your support!


For your convenience, we have prepared a sample testimony document that you can use! Just download, edit, and print!


Your completed written testimony may be hand-delivered or mailed to:

Senator Telena C. Nelson

163 Chalan Santo Papa

Hagåtña, GU 96910

or email to

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Read Bill

Can you spare some time to help us? 

The Guam Preservation Trust is in need of your assistance to submit testimony regarding Bill 208-36

The bill restores funding collected for building permit fees to the Guam Preservation Trust Fund which will allow GPT do even greater preservation work and advocacy to preserve and protect our cultural heritage and save our heritage sites.

We firmly believe that historic preservation in Guam is a public responsibility, and your assistance by signing our petition, writing testimony, and learning about the bill will answer the call to protect our heritage. 


Please consider signing our online petition, or submitting a written testimony.

Si Yu’os Ma’ase

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